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I don't see any gears!

A patented planetary gear system gives PEGHEDS™ their legendary smoothness and precision.

PEGHEDS™ 4:1 gear reduction allows strings to be tuned more easily and accurately than traditional wood pegs (or Caspari-type mechanisms which require screw drivers or special keys). Tune confidently and securely with the left hand while playing open strings with the bow; even during performance!

PEGHEDS™ return the fine-tuning function to pegs. Strings slide more freely over the smooth, wide nut than over the comparatively sharp edge of the bridge, where stress is concentrated and equilibrium of tension on either side is more difficult to achieve.

PEGHEDS™ gear reduction prevents sudden and repeated wrenching of pegs by novices. Strings have longer lives in the hands of young students. Bumps and shocks sustained during transport will not cause complete loss of string tension which results in fallen sound posts, broken strings, and unnecessary trips to the music store.

PEGHEDS™ eliminate the need for fine tuners; consequently, there are fewer parts to rattle and buzz. In fact, Pegheds have fewer parts than any other type peg used with long-arm string adjusters.

PEGHEDS™ eliminate the unnecessary weight, mass, and muting effects of metal tuners and metal tailpieces.

PEGHEDS™ have a brake mechanism with variable friction. Push in to increase resistance, pull out to decrease; exactly like a traditional wood peg.

PEGHEDS™ install in the scroll in a similar manner as traditional wood pegs, using a standard reamer. There are no disfiguring holes to drill. No screws are required for installation.

PEGHEDS™ can be removed easily and traditional pegs fitted in their place, if desired (Of the 400+ sets installed in Columbia, SC, NO ONE one has asked to return to traditional wood pegs.)

U.S. Patent No. 5,998,713
Gears? I don't see any gears.

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